Monday, February 10, 2020

New Hampshire Primary Eve Musings

Mayor Pete is trying to catch Sanders to avoid a second place New Hampshire defeat
Sounds off on the Eve of the Primary that a polarizing candidate must not take the Oval Office seat
Finally out of this public sector neophyte some common sense
Who unfortunately, like most Blues has never faced the payroll difficulties in stepping over the private sector fence
He might want to look at the behavior of the Bobsey Twins of Polarization
Who for two years 24/7 have raised the flag of ad hominem demonization
Crying Chuck and Lying Nancy--what a pair
Hands glued together and rear ends glued to their chairs
Chuck is probably after Nancy's tantrum completely miffed
The spotlight went to Nancy and from him did quickly shift
Ripping the speech like it was a piece of trash
Touting it was a "courteous response" as her grip on civility and rationality crashed
Mayor Pete is too much of an unknown with experience at near zero
Only because of the weakness of the other Blues his unfamiliarity makes him a somewhat hero
After Tuesday night more flies will have to the ground dropped
For Bloomberg the need to burn millions may have slowed or even stopped
Biden will have breathed his last gasp
Warren's time on the reservation will have ended at last
Steyer's days of spending personal wealth may have come to an end
Not enough are buying the messages he is trying with his dollars to send
Yang will have met his Ying
Not sure if in 4 years another campaign to the table he will bring
Amy though surging may have hit the socialist glass ceiling
Doubtful if Sanders would find her as a running mate appealing
Only question is whether the Blue HRC faithful will continue to pray
That the Democratic Convention is brokered when it comes into play
She has never accepted her loss but maybe with another run and 0 and 3
She finally and at long last will fade forever away

© February 10, 2020, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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