Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl Buffalo Wings At Mutt Lynch's Win No Matter Who Wins

Super Bowls with all their hype are famous for many things
Two coming to mind are commercials and Buffalo Wings
All of us remember the Apple Commercial in Super Bowl 1984
But it was such a boring  rout of the Redskins who can remember the score?
But taste buds have memories that easily brain memories surpass
Rare among us is the memory of a gourmet Super Bowl Wing that does not last
Fox News for today's game has created a top ten Buffalo Wings list
Though a big supporter of Fair and Balanced an attack on their choices could not resist
Most wings are a batch of drummettes that are barely of squab size
Along with wing portions so small it's clear the chicken could not hope to fly
In Mutt Lynch's, a tavern on the strand overlooking the sands of Newport Beach
There's a place where an order of Buffalo Wings you most definitely want to reach
A hint to their size is that Pterodactyl Wings are their name
And it's the whole wing that puts all other squab ones to shame
Full range of sauces and seasonings to any palate taste grace
Not a single morsel a wing aficionado could ever waste
Garnished with celery and carrot sticks
Blue Cheese or Ranch to the wings dip
If  Super Bowl LIV is boring to watch, look at the scenery passing by the door
Listen to the beauty of the waves gently crashing upon the nearby shore
Know also the service and libations are also first rate
Expand to full menu if the wings somehow fail to your hunger sate

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