Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Wacky Ideas to Stay in Race by Blues

In the crowded Blue field and Biden favored at 40 percent
And Sanders with half that amount, the pack will be struggling as fewer dollars will be sent
Falling over each other trying to the odds of dropping out defy
Hoping against reality the dismal polls lie
Spartacus is on the 2nd Amendment warpath aping the Harris threat
Executive action to require licenses to own firearms needed to protect
One gun purchased a month and an assault weapons ban
Only part of his aggressive gun control plan
Harris is in the act to save a candidacy doomed to fail
Has proposed scrapping the 2017 tax cut on the campaign trail
What about over 3% growth due to tax cut does she not get?
Back to less than 2% and rising unemployment she quickly forgets
Like so many Blues she ignores the crisis at the border
Suffers from her ears ignoring Border Patrol and head in the sand disorder
Bozo O’Rourke is pushing the “brilliant” idea of tearing down our existing border fence
So against the wave of illegals flooding our border we will have a weakened defense
Pocahontas wants to cancel the $1.5 trillion of student loans
Universal free college for all to our national debt ceiling be blown
A cast of wanna-be Roman Emperors promising more bread
Any chance of balancing the budget to be shed
What a circus, what a joke
Hopefully some sanity American voters will invoke!
© May 5, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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