Friday, May 10, 2019

Jerry "Adler" Nadler the Hypocrite King

The anti-Trump animus of Nadler has reached all time highs
As this biased hack brings contempt charges against Barr for failing to the law defy
It is illegal to release grand jury testimony involving a person not charged with a crime
In redacting grand jury material in the Mueller Report Barr is following the law to avoid doing time
 Jerry Nadler, the Adler’s memory of proper procedure is very short
Fought tooth and nail to prevent release of the Starr Special Counsel Report
Found it an outrage that the House found Obama Shotgun Holder on Fast and Furious in contempt
Blatant acts of subpoena defiance by the DOJ the Department chose to attempt
Nadler is trying so hard for the voters to forget he is a hypocrite master
Trying to throw Barr in jail will be for his minions a 2020 election disaster
Despite his causing the MSM to show its true colors of total bias
Echo chamber of MSM talking heads calling for jail in tones so pious
In re Holder v. Congress this contempt charge on Barr will fall flat on its face
Another example of why the Blues 24/7 resistance will be a total disgrace
© May 10, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet    

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