Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Hunger Games in Orange County

Seeing beers and rats forage from dumpsters and trash cans is a scene to expect
But watching humans doing the same thing is something all of us would want to reject
We live in a land of incredible bounty
But hunger pangs are alive and well in Orange County
A quarter of a million men, women and children daily struggle to have enough to eat
No one wears an “H” on their belly that hunger pangs daily greet
Invisible to commuters in speeding cars to work or to shop
Plodding along hope fading that the pangs would for a moment stop
Children’s mental and physical development in a caloric lack harm’s way
The pangs of hunger growing stronger and not going away
Men and women depressed that for their families, food they find it hard to provide
A problem that will only increase and will not subside
Unless we as a country make alleviating hunger a priority instead
Follow the lead of Second Harvest to recover food to be tossed so full stomachs go to bed
The Hunger Games were movies of fiction but the Orange County Hunger is not a game
It is real and destructive for which we should feel shame
Shop at stores that support food banks like Second Harvest
Eat at restaurants that donate food to be tossed or divested
Give away canned foods you will not eat
Together as one hunger we have a chance to defeat
Forego that lavish expensive meal that loose fitting clothes a bulging waistline will no longer conceal
Take the dollars and donate so some less fortunate may receive a nourishing meal   
© May 14, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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