Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ode To John McCain

John McCain has been fighting for over a year an aggressive cancer attacking his brain
The news today was very sad and though a fighter his time on this earth may soon wane
His family has announced that medical treatments for the cancer will cease
Quality of life shot in exchange for a few more months of life’s short term lease
5 years of torture in a Hanoi Hilton cage
While outside the sounds of war would rage
Both in Hanoi and in the streets of the cities across this land
As the Hanoi Jaynes of the world wanted our martial efforts to disband
McCain’s spirit the North Vietnamese could not break
After release as a POW he stayed in but knew with his injuries an admiral’s role he could not take
Unlike his grandfather and father who retired early in despair
And died too soon after unable to with the nation their talents share
McCain wanted to take the public service path
As a venue to hone his leadership skills craft
Off to Congress in 1982 then to the Senate in 1987
With two presidential attempts while partisanship trying to leaven
It may be premature to write his final obit
After all here is the spirit of a man who would not quit
Enjoy your remaining time away from the gridlock and rancor of D.C.
As your carrier turns into the wind so your soul can take off into eternity
© August 25, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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