Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mollie Tibbetts Dead Illegal Alien Arrested

Mollie Tibbetts’ body after being missing 30 days has been found
Details still developing but a suspect in custody proof positive of the left’s position on illegals is unsound
In a very unchristian attack Christian Rivera an illegal alien is suspected of killing Mollie when she went out for a run
Another American innocent killed by an illegal and yet another reason why the fight against open borders must be won
The left always throws up the smokescreen that illegals commit crimes at lower rates
But voters must not be fooled must not take this tainted bait
Regardless of the rate of crime if they had been deported or entry with a wall blocked
There would be no crime by them for them to have been caught
The Tibbetts family must be in a grieving sense of shock
While the rest of us should on the open border position of the Blues take careful stock
Trump has thrown down the gauntlet that the election of Blues means more illegals and crime
Flooding over the border never showing up for hearings never serving time
Dukakis lost to Bush over Willie Horton’s murder and rape
Not xenophobic to raise this murder as an issue and not let Blues from wrath of voters escape
This killer was working in the area--another reason for e-verify
Once again we must ask how many more Americans must die
Before we end sanctuary cities,  secure the border, end the lottery,  break the chain
Go to merit based immigration which is the only immigration plan that is sane.

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