Monday, August 6, 2018

Forest Burns While Brown and Trump Dueling Blame

Two fires known as the Mendocino Complex fire
Have set the new record with over 283,000 acres on fire
While Brown and Trump casting dueling blames
As the largest number of acres go up in flames
Brown goes political and plays the climate change card
Trump tweets lack of water available because of fish diversion so fire growth not barred
Lost in the rhetoric of who is right and who is wrong
Is the simple fact dead trees in a forest do not belong
Remove the fuel and a fire starves and goes out
State and feds not culling trees in fear of litigation rout
Environmental groups with litigation hair triggers to sue against the culling axe
Coupled with warm weather and forest fires are burning to the max
We may or may not be able to affect climate change in the short or even long term
How to act to prevent forest fires from continuing to increase the size of the area burned?
Start immediately to cull dead or damaged trees without the lawsuit threat
Pray for rain to the firefighters’ attempts to abet
© August 6, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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