Monday, February 26, 2018

Waters The Red Lightening Rod Railing For Impeachment

Maxine Waters once again on an insane rant at the California Democratic state convention
Making the totally insane comparison of Trump being like Kim contention
This plantation owner representative who cares about her district only for its black votes
Ignorant of the facts that under Trump black unemployment at all time lows—to the trash can her voters should demote
Like Pelosi who rails at the tax cut crumbs she is ranting for the call to impeach
Sanity and the idea of responsible governance from this women completely out of reach
In a fairy land expecting Mueller to contact the impeachment dots
While without the Trump agenda her district and Blue run inner cities will continue to rot
As the economy grows and wages for all including blacks rise
And the real collusion involving Hillary will come as no surprise
Your dreams of regaining the House will come to a crashing demise
Hopefully your plantation voters will on you become wise
Trump was right on point when he to black voters said “what do you have to lose?”
Failed schools, crime, jobs lost to illegals--no wonder more decided Trump to choose
Please continue to beat your inane impeachment drums
Rally the Red base and send you and Pelosi’s dreams on a fatal run
As certain as the Sun rises in the East Maxine
Ideologues like you should be purged from the political scene
 © February 265, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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