Friday, February 23, 2018

Belarus Annie Oakley On Skis

Lindsay Vonn on Valentine’s Day at the Olympics was a fox looking to mingle
Reaching out on Twitter to any fun loving guys that were single
In what could be her last Olympics going past the gates in G-force defying leans
Look for her later on the silver screens
Hope her acting skills are the equivalent of how she on the slopes can schuss
She is not alone in beauty there is another fox who skis for Belarus
Darya Domracheva in the biathlon does more than just compete
Four Gold Medals in the Olympics, a legend from the pedestal impossible to unseat
Shooting a rifle on targets after skiing cross country is a most difficult skill
Especially when your heart is pounding after skiing up a steep hill
Whatever shivers or shakes present a shooter must bring to an end
Quickly against the clock before bullets to the target to send
The slightest movement of the barrel will cause the bullet to go awry
Come up empty on another Olympic Gold Medal try
Four Golds, one Silver and one Bronze in three Olympics competitions
When not in a biathlon holding down a KCB lieutenant position
A modern day Annie Oakley whose mate medal count in the biathlon is a record thirteen
So unlike Lindsay Darya is not into the dating scene

© Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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