Friday, February 23, 2018

In Parkland No Running To The Sound of Guns

When a man or woman is given a badge and a gun
A sacred duty in order to protect that officer must to the sound of gunfire run
Ever since Columbine where officers surrounded the schools and for SWAT await
Too many students were gunned down to meet a mortal fate
In Parkland there was an armed deputy on scene
Never went in merely took a position and against a corner leaned
The shooter shot for 6 minutes then from the school fled
Leaving behind wounded and 17 students and teacher dead
Have no idea of this officers training or time on the force
Only that he didn’t move until the shootings had run its deadly course
Had he intervened would Cruz victims have been less?
Realistic to believe pistol shots the AR-15 would have suppressed?
Was it a lack of training or a lack of courage and heart?
Or worse a lack of incentive due to a lack of respect for police off the charts
Too many times do we see those who police are sworn to protect
Denying them service their business and presence to reject
A callous disregard by Blue leaders when another cop is killed in the line?
We need answers for if the thin Blue is going to look the other way during a deadly crime
We are in a world of potential hurt
As felons will their evil continue to assert
An the idea of hardening our schools with retired military or police may be a pipe dream
Drowned out by the sound of gunfire and the wounded innocents’ screams

© February 23, 2018 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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