Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orange County's Three Horsemen

In the Apocalypse the Four Horsemen of war, famine, death and pestilence are unleashed upon mankind. In Orange County, like many counties struggling with unfunded public pension fund liab and high salaries and sinking tax revenues, the news today (9/14/2010) is troubling--three of our esteemed public officials reneged on their promise to take a 5% pay cut. Instead of Four Horsemen we should count our blessings to be set upon by only Three--War, Famine, and Pestilence. Death is not yet here and as long as more of us start drinking tea many never be unsealed. The following captures some of the outrage in reading the news.
The Three Horsemen
It is not as upsetting as the City Manager for Bell,
But the latest news should make our outrage swell.
We live in budgets awash in dripping red.
New jobless figures we await with fearful dread.
Our public pensions are like a bloated leech,
Sucking out any taxpayers' blood within their reach,
But no matter how deep into our pockets we may try to dig,
We may never, ever escape the chains of this fiscal brig.
Orange County has Three Horsemen we now must unseat--
Sunstrom, Guillory and the tax collector Street.
All county heads tightened their belts and took a 5 percent cut--
Not these three, they selfishly kept their wallets shut.
If these public "servants" were struggling at making ends meet,
Or like the rest of us staring financial ruin lapping upon our feet,
The outrage would be muted, for we are a forgiving kind,
But at six figures, their refusal only blows one's mind.
Our clock is ticking--the sands have almost left,
We taxpayers must rise up to end this sugared coated theft.
A public pension and higher immune salary is not a holy grail!
We are in this leaking boat together—time for Three Horsemen to help us bail!!!
Michael P. Ridley
© September 14, 2010

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