Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans' Day

On this day we should honor those serving and those who have served and in our prayers hope the number decreases not. General Old Age is a poem on this blog that is one of my better ones which makes writing about Veterans' Day difficult. Be that as it may, this came to me this morning. Ironic, that the poppy which fuels the opium funds that enables Osama's legions to attack us was once the fund raising symbol on this day. God Bless America:

Veterans' Day 2010

Today instead of sale fags in the wind, flags should fly at half mast
Honoring the veterans now and those veterans throughout our past
The War to End All Wars in that role did completely fail
How many Americans after went down the Martian trail?
It may be that the human will always reach for the sword
And maybe discourse is a luxury we cannot or chose not to afford
But if we ask the veterans who were there
Ask or plead if the horrors they would share
Then maybe, just maybe if leaders are of sound mind
And leave emotions of revenge behind,
We on this crowded planet might have the slimmest chance,
To bring out and enjoy the plow or chip and stow the lance.
We must not fail, the atom stakes increase each day
Somehow, someway, we must hold the dogs of war at bay
If we fail to take note, to take heed,
We send thousands more to die or to bleed.
But that, sadly, may be the future; but on this day
Honor all those who served and went into harm's way!

Michael P. Ridley
(c) November 11, 2010

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