Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 9th Anniversary

On this day 9 years ago the citizens of this nation and 76 others were subjected to suicide attacks that killed more people than we lost at Pearl Harbor or Omaha Beach. What follows is a poem I wrote this morning. Preserving safety and preserving tolerance and first amendment freedoms is a tightrope balance maybe not even the Wallendas would wish to cross, but somehow this poet is convinced we are up to the task and the forces of evil will be relegated to the sewers of hell where they belong.
911 Images
The song "We are the world" comes to mind on this solemn day
As we come together not to pretend, but to really pray
In less than an hour the forces of evil sought to slay
Not just the GI's but any citizen that stood in their way
The ashes of fallen towers turned the horizon into a deadly gray
On their side, discourse and reason in total decay
To carry a briefcase or laptop should not make a worker a prey
Or to catch a plane to go home should not be a final price to pay
Citizens of 77 countries against their will thrown into the fray
New burdens accepted on our shoulder weigh
We mark a war of no boundaries, no quarter, but resolve may not stray.
It will never be easy, no piece of cake, no catch the bouquet
We must always hold the external forces of evil at bay
While our freedoms we can never betray
A clear message to those misguided seeking relief only 77 virgins can allay
You are pirates, parasites on humanity to be killed on this and every other day.
Michael P. Ridley
© 9/11/2010

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