Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day

The Alaskan Poet has been way too busy completing North to Alaska--Islands of Stability in Seas of Change and tweeting at Labor Day Weekend years ago was a time of great enjoyment--jobs were there and if not the loss was only temporary. Today may be different. this poet has no answers other than the chasm between Blue and Red has to end. Poem follows:

Labor Day 2010
It is the end of summer, the time for to gather and put the last burgers on the grill.
A day to honor labor and mark the faint beginnings of the autumn chills,
The next generation gathered around the barbecue
School to start, soon time to get what will be due
It is the kick off of the elections if we are so cursed
Of election years --I will do better my opponent worse
Always to honor what the American worker can achieve
And with the flags, barbecue and family what a nation we can weave
This year it may be different as too many of us are without jobs
The winds of misfortune our well being and future has robbed
The private sector numbers are a stream of jobs lost,
While our public sector grows no matter the cost.
After the last burger, the last beer,
The last end of summer cheer,
Maybe, just maybe, it is now time as we near the brink
To pick up another self reliant drink,
Tea may be the choice of our English friends
But here, maybe the greed of incumbents we can end.
Time for Red and Blue to merge
Term politicians we now will purge
Cut the public sector’s greedy take in our till,
Then maybe then today we can enjoy our last summer grill.
Michael P. Ridley © 2010

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