Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor and AG in Resignation Called for Scandal

Puritan correctness the Blues were so quick to at the Reds were so quick to charge
In Virginia claims of racism and sexual assault are becoming quite troublesome and large
First the governor Northam already reeling from charges of advocating infanticide
Was hit with a second punch of the combo of a yearbook photo with a KKK and black face side by side
His black Blue Lt. Governor Patrick was quick to demand that the governor resign
Only to be hit with a complication on his power grab design
Dr. Vanessa Tyson has come forth to allege that Patrick forced her to perform oral sex
Pinned her forcibly down when she tried to his advances reject
Like Ford she did not report but unlike Ford she revealed to friends
Vivid details, dates and location that will trump the no corroboration trend
Patrick is denying, claiming the act was consensual and not forced
In Hirono world where women accusers must be believe not sure what will be the course
The third blow in this scandalous farce just reared its ugly head
The Blue AG third in line dressed up in black face in college filling the Blues with dread
If the AG is forced to resigned the next in line after him is a Red
The Blues in the Swamp are heads in the sand and so quick to demand racism be shed
The AG may claim the folly of youth and may escape
But his agony warms the hearts of Kavanaugh supporters angry at the judge’s fate   
© Michael P. Ridley February 6, 2019

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