Monday, February 25, 2019

Anti-Trump Attacks At Oscars Down Viewers Up

The Academy Awards Show was much more apolitical than in years past
Maybe because there was no host to on cue Trump and his agenda blast
Spike Lee winning his first Oscar could not himself contain
Ranting that in 2020 a hope that Trump and his cohorts go down the drain
Maybe unlike earlier years the winners were much less white
Pushing viewers of color to go to ABC to view the Academy’s biggest night
Maybe a light bulb has been finally turned on that America likes the glamour but not the carping
Becoming fed up on the anti-Trump non stop ridicule and demonization harping
ABC should be very happy as viewers were slightly up
The decreasing numbers of viewers last night did interrupt
MSM keeps ignoring his successes and the growth in GNP
While a frustrated Obama vainly tries to convince us it all started with me
A trade deal with China may be close to reality
Which would mean a recession going into 2020 would be hard to foresee
With Mueller’s witch-hunt finally coming to a wasteful no collusion end
Less investigation distractions to hinder the soaring economic growth trend
The icing on the cake would be news out of Hanoi
That Kim is serious about not having nukes to deploy
While AOC and Harris, Gillibrand, Sanders and Warren continue to ignore the cost in cash
Medicare for all along with free college and $6 grand a year would cause this economy to crash
Shot in the head by AOC’s Green New Deal
With expanded government to our prosperity steal
2018 was important and the Reds the House lost
A loss of the presidency and failure to regain the House an even greater cost.
© February 25, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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