Monday, February 11, 2019

IIhan Omar Caught In Anti-Semite Cookie Jar Forced To Apologize

IIhan Omar should get down on her knees to Allah pray
Taking a cue from the Red treatment of King her committee memberships could have been taken away
Racism and anti-Semitism in the people’s House is totally out of place
Her comments on Jews and Israel were a total disgrace
Being a Muslim is not a license to Jews demonize
She should be pleased that all she had to do is apologize
A representative without committee assignments is like a bull with tits
Totally useless to her constituents whose support for her will be tossed like a bucket of warm spit
In a back hand way she lumped in lobbyists for fossil fuels and the NRA
Along with AIPAC as being problematic and having too much sway
Which in a era where campaign money  is the Holy Grail
More critical than the voters’ wishes on the campaign trail
© February 11, 2019 Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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