Saturday, December 7, 2013

Take the First If Continue to Dream

The first if on a hurdle of almost impossible ifs has occurred. In last minute heroics, the Sooners beat the Cowboys. The Ifs of a Buckeye and FSU loss have yet to occur. One Tiger will lose today. Not sure which loss gives Stanford with the most important if of the day-- a win against the Sun Devils the best chance to play for the National Championship on the 6th. First news on the Cowboy loss was speculation on who would benefit. Not a word on Stanford. This poem immediately came to me. Only in America can people dream on all aspects of their life including their alma mater's performance on the fields of play. Go Cardianl!

To be a man to wear the Color, a man of the Muse
Reading sports too often leaves little to amuse
I have had endure the hype and accolades
Of another Color march though weak opponent parade
The fawning and holier than  though attitude of the SEC
While in total obscurity is the team of student athletes of the Tree
If student athletes riding today into the desert on horses of no name
Break the fork and leave the Devils feeling a lot of pain
Stanford smells the roses and plays another S with a greenish hue
If the Buckeyes win and the BCS creates a stew
Sending a Tiger to stalk a Seminole from the swamp
Stanford relegated to on the Buckeyes to romp
A better deal and to honor those who play but also graduate and learn
© December 7, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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