Monday, December 16, 2013

Rangers Lead the Way- a True Knight

Good Samaritans, in this time of legal exposure, 24/7 other concerns, or the social media induced loss of face to face contacts, are hard to find, but the Ranger within a Ranger is not. The news coming out of Crown Point, Indiana is a total tragedy, Riley Knight, a former Ranger of 12 years and a groom of only several hours, is struck and killed by three cars while helping out a teacher trapped in a car on a snow covered street. Brave man, brave husband, and our hearts and prayers should go out to his widow who was with him when he died and heard the impact of cars on his body. Rangers Lead--Rest in Peace Riley Knight.
Rangers Lead the Way--a True Knight
You can retire from the Rangers, but the Ranger within never leaves
Painful thoughts as a new widow, just hours ago a bride now grieves
Riley was a true knight in actions and in name
Who among us would have late at night done the same?
A cell phone call to 911 to others to alert
A car off the road, someone trapped inside could be hurt
But Rangers do not follow or let others do their deeds
No if a Ranger, you lead into harm’s way even to die or if lucky only bleed
Not helping another is simply not within a Ranger creed
Others in harm’s way, you help first your safety you do not heed
Riley Knight you are a hero and for your wife's loss all should mourn
We pray for God's help to ease her sorrow to be borne
For us we all should pray that what you did as a Ranger on this cold, Indiana night
Inspires us in time of danger to ape, and your acts never, ever fade from sight
And to flyonthewall1 with your comment that defies decency and taste
Pray to your Allah for forgiveness for that remark you really need His Grace 
© December 16, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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