Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PAC 12 Stanford Impossible Dreams

Poets by nature are dreamers; we love to dream, to hear the muse course through the inner workings of our brains and souls. We love to dream and to implement in poetry the dreams of all so we can do battle with the logical sides of our brain that seek to banish the creative spontaneous poetic side to replace it with the logical, planning side which is an anathema to the poetic. Unfortunately, the dreaming process is far to easy to be interrupted when the dreams coming out of Washington, D.C. are the nightmares of rhetoric and bias and political expediency. With the Pac12 Championship on Saturday unfortunately at Tempe as opposed to the Farm, and with America's "Horse with No Name" in my ears, and viewing the bias against the Pac12 and the Stanfords of the football world before the holy alter of the SEC, this came to me. Go Cardinal!

Horses of Names
To dream the impossible dream, here is how it starts
Into the desert with horses of name from the Farm to depart
Sun Devils hit with a lot of grinding smash mouth pain
Spartans rise up at no go pass to feed on Buckeye grain
Seminoles worried about prison garb lose to the Duke
Two Tigers claw themselves out but Show Me gets a win
The Crimson becalmed watches its tide go out but does not come back in
The Cowboys are crushed by a Sooner stampede
When the dust clears, Stanford is either number 2 or in the lead
If neither God help the Utes or the men from Troy
Next year is revenge time and those teams Big Red will destroy
And with its legions of Google alums BCS computers sound their last alarm
The Silicon Valley giants will unleash upon you eternal freezeup harm

©  December 4, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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