Thursday, January 23, 2014

Heroes Come In Small Packages, Young Ages

In the early morning hours on January 21, 2014 in Penfield, a suburb of East Rochester a fire in a crowded trailer home, killed three people.  The death toll could have been more--nine people after all were sleeping there that night. It was not because of the acts of one eight year old boy, Tyler Doohan who was spending the night with his grandfather because Monday was not a school day due to the Martin Luther King Day holiday. Six people were woken and led out to safety by Tyler. He went back in through the smoke to try to save his uncle, confined to a wheel chair. Sadly, he was not able to rescue his uncle and he and his uncle died. Tyler Doohan was a hero!

Tyler Doohan, a Hero in a Small Package at a Young Age
A fire sweeps through a crowded trailer home and three people die
Nine people sleeping there seems a number way too high
The cause of fire not yet completely known
One thing clear is an act of heroism was shown
For a change not by a passing Good Sam or trained firefighters or police
Expected when fire rears its head to burn out lives’ short term lease
No, this time by a fourth grader, all of eight years old
He acted that early morning as a hero, selfless and bold
Sadly, we all know from the lyrics that "the good die young."
Now we learn of lyrics for the heroes until today unsung
Heroes sadly can also die way, way too young, before their time
Even an eight year old who to save ignored the risk to put his life on the line
Tyler Doohan, a young "man" at the tender young age of eight,
You are a hero, saved six then died trying to save an uncle crippled by a disability fate
To your two saved cousins aged four and six who may grow up but not remember this sad night
May a loving God watch over you and may you both live with a purpose, full and shining bright
As tears slowly flow down my face as I look into Tyler’s smiling full of life face
I pray that the God in whom I believe, for you, Tyler, has a very special, special place.
 © January 23, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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