Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cory Demsburg- a True Mr. Relevant

Like many of the 30 plus million Americans who watched President Obama deliver the State of the Union Speech last night, I was disappointed.  Not so much as to the content because I could not foresee anything he could say that might resonate in an America that feels their President has deceived them. He had a moment, he had a chance, a live audience in the chambers that would have gone into ovation overload if he would have given us an apology, a true apology, for his absolute falsehoods and deceptions with respect to keeping one's doctor and keeping one's health insurance. To make the sound even more deafening he could have apologized for the millions unwisely spent on the premature rollout of and to give that apology meaning and not just empty words, when the camera panned to a smiling, everything-is-just peachy Ms. Sibelius, added "I am asking Ms. Sibelius this moment for her resignation, effective immediately". Sadly, he did not and omitted the that the health care system which he is trying to fix was broken in large part by his administration.
     Unusual for him,  his delivery was at best a C+ but the images especially the images of Ranger Cory Demsburg defending our freedoms went off the charts. The sound of the applause was deafening and seeing Ranger Demsburg slowly stand supported his father and giving a thumbs up could not have left an eye dry across the millions who watched this moment. No words, no promises, broken or otherwise, only acts, only deed, only sacrifices, only proof the motto "Rangers Lead the Way" still thrives--last night Demsburg was the true Mr. Relevant. Our President could have been but was not.
Cory Demsburg-A True Mr. Relevant
The State of the Union address reminded me of Mr. Irrelevant honored at Newport Beach
Plenty of applause, reporters and cameras to record, but little chance of success to reach
For words no matter how well prepared, no matter how well put fourth
Are silenced by the prior history that has run and continues to run its course
Facts are like diamonds they cannot be sliced. diced or shaped with mere words
And like diamonds eventually they sparkle of truth and the voters will be lured
In a speech by a soon to be feathered Mr. Irrelevant, one very relevant man was to be observed
Represents the best of us mere mortals and how this nation can continue to be preserved
Cory Demsburg, a wounded Ranger with 10 tours was the real and only star
A hero who wounded severely kept coming back, not allow the rehab pain to bar
He among those who the uniform don
And into harm's way so near to Reed's beds  and Arlington lawns
They are the true Mr. Relevants whose opinions I would like to hear
On the meaning of courage, duty, sacrifice and true meaning of fear
And the sanctity of contract that D.C. that D.C. seems no longer to share
Cutting vet pensions while billions of waste, pleading our cupboards are bare.
Obama's speech should fade into history, forgotten without the slightest note
But your image, wounded, standing erect with thumbs up, will forever emote.
©January 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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