Friday, June 18, 2010

Fathers' Day

I trust fathers will enjoy june 20, 2010, Fathers' Day and and children with fathers will be able to spend time with them either in person or by phone. I hope all enjoy this Fathers' Day poem.

Fathers’ Day 2010
In a world of morals like sands in perpetual shift
It’s usually the fathers who stop the moral drifts
The economic pillar fathers now thankfully share,
In these troubled times, it takes a working pair.
Men in whose ancient genes very deeply ingrained-
The need to stalk into the forests or hunt across the grassy plains,
Now with relish change the diapers, burp the child
A new sense of gentle in a world wanting to run wild.
Honor thy mother and father—a commandment to heed
Lasting words if the soul is to prosper and to succeed,
Now is compressed in a Day in May when Moms go first
Aisle upon aisle of gifts in never-ending burst.
In June we dads too have our day in the sun,
Praises from daughters or growing sons,
Some cards, a brunch, maybe treated, if lucky something other than a tie,
We beam and smile and our emotions surface and run high
A great Day but a small child said it best when asked to define
The difference between the two Days so close in time
So easy for a child the nuances to sift,
“Just like Mothers’ Day save we spend less on gifts.”
For those dads who have written the tuition checks
The month hosts graduation days no longer poverty to inject
Save those with their new ties, huge brunch, and cards
But high school seniors now with college needs to bombard.
© June 18, 2010
Michael P. Ridley

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