Friday, June 11, 2010

ACG Meanings on the Bay

As a venture capital/corporate lawyer, I attend a lot of networking functions. Last night the Association for Corporate Growth, a really excellent organization, held its "Summer Bash" function at the Balboa Bay Club, but unlike of most functions, various entities including the Orange County Performing Art Center had tables to promote their offerings. Sarah and Christina were at their post. The following honors them and the arts they so ably assist and the other "C" all of us should likewise support.
In a world where hope has failed and gone berserk,
Too many of us are scratching for any kind of work.
There is still time next to the bay of stately yachts,
Moored like a High Seas Fleet, rarely used or for naught
For two women of grace to “man” a table for the arts,
No matter the aroma of fine foods, they would not depart.
Even in the summer as we feel the recession chill
Somehow, someway the venue seats you must fill.
For a county of color devoid of music, or drama only live on stage,
Is like a paper, no headlines, only the drab of an obituary page.
Pass out the cards, shake the hands—for the next deal always strive
But without art, even with wallets thick, the soul will never be alive.
In tough times in the Golden State, hard for the corporate "C" to subside,
But on this night, the culture "C" was nourished, strong as a Fundy tide.
© June 11, 2010
Michael P. Ridley