Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Wish 2013

The ongoing chaos over the ACA, its failed website, failed rollout, and ongoing allegations of deception and misleading by our President and his misuse of "periods" has been a continuing source of poetic responses in the form of blogs ( ) tweets ( and comments. Today after seeing the pardon of the Turkeys and smiling over the use of the name Popcorn (a favorite treat of this poet), it seems more appropriate to send the muse out in favor of Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for and we have an innate capacity to give of ourselves, our dollars and our time to those less fortunate and even better to bring to the political table a sense of honesty, respect, civility and compromise to name but a few attributes our politicians on both sides of the aisle are in short supply.
        Hope you enjoy this poem. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to my new found Oregon beating friends, the Wildcats of the University of Arizona, please defeat the Sun Devils this Saturday.

A Thanksgiving Wish
Before the family and friends begin to arrive,
A brief moment to sit down and take a quiet five
As the aroma and warmth fills each nook and space
Before the dishes and recipes begin falling into place
Before the turkey thawed the day before from the oven the table will grace
In those quiet moments on Thanksgiving a time to ponder and reflect
The blessings that troubles and adversities will always reduce and deflect
Much more than the bountiful succulent caloric stuffing repast
No, the blessings for the soul and spirit that were meant to last
To each the blessings are like snowflakes unique and pristine
Gently touching a soul today blessed to be tranquil and serene
We may be a nation still divided and the aisles are like moats
Slowly, surely saner heads will prevail--after all we are all in the same boat
After over 300 years, we possess and practice amazing freedoms still
For the tyrants still in this world to swallow, it  must be a bitter pill
Many of us still suffer across this great land
Yet in times of trouble, we are quick to give a helping hand
For Thanksgiving is not a one  word only on what you receive
But two and without the “giving”, all “thanks” are soon to leave
The world is still a dangerous place, but the Winds today only whisper, do not howl
This day let your spirit and soul be in peaceful smile, no hint of frown or scowl
When the dinner is finally done and the turkey tryptophan excess reigns
Enjoy the pleasures of family and friends, let not that comfort wane
Black Friday will be just another day and in the malls serenity you will not find
Only crowds frantic for bargains and sales, a stress perhaps best left behind
Happy Thanksgiving for the blessings you have and in giving choose to bestow
Not just today, but daily from the early rains of spring to the winter falling snows

Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

© November 27, 2013

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