Thursday, September 26, 2013

London Tribute

       The Alaskanpoet has been away from his computer too long and is now back and creating poems faster than popcorn can pop at a movie theater. Twitter account at is active once more with over a 100 followers and seeking more. Second blog  is also up and running and I am posting comments on the news daily and posting location of such iambic comments on Twitter. 
        Spouses are not like geese--they come and go; jobs come and go; friends come and go; almost everything on this planet is in a state of motion save one, and with apologies to feline owners, that one is the loyalty and affection of one's canine pet. Several months ago a good friend asked me to write a tribute to a dog, a Malamute that had recently passed. Having been raised in Alaska and having learned to read with Robert Service as opposed to Dick, Jane and Spot, I immediately wrote what follows. If you enjoy it, which I think you will and you are fortunate enough to have a dog of any breed or mix, give him a big nuzzle, pet and dog treat.

London’s Tribute
A dog is a man’s best friend and a woman’s too
A joy with each bark and howl to renew
A dog’s love and loyalty never wanes, never aborts
When made by God, a slight err, He made a dog’s life too short
Like novas, fads may come and like novas, fads may go
But a Malamute can run on memory trails longer than the melting of the deepest glacier  snow
All dogs are special, but Malamutes are a special breed
Who else in a dog sled relay of 600 miles to Nome and diphtheria’s grip to be freed
The breed that saved Nome’s children from diphtheria’s rage
Also on all fours on the Bay, a tribute to Oakland’s to revival wage
London was a Malamute and to his owners a very special, special friend
A Malamute with loyalty that would never break, not even in the slightest bend
Like the North Star of Love and Devotion, always there
140 pounds of fur from breakfast to the napkins he would rarely share
Love of snow, love of an owner that would never end
Licks, a petting magnet, a playful tummy rub, to an owner a caring ear to lend
He may not have had a Service or namesake author with a first name Jack,
But in the friend and companion category, Blue Ribbons, he would never lack.
London never ran into the wee hours of the Midnight Sun
Or in any dog sled race with his speed he would most likely have won
Now sadly, far too soon, with too much speed
The finish line crossed, but with a new team to lead
Heaven may be sunny, peaceful, but with a hint of Northern Lights, glacial ice and pristine snow
This poet knows that God and His Angels must be waiting for London in the traces to take Them in tow
“Endurance-Loyalty-Intelligence” words etched forever on a sled dog’s bronze statute
Add for London “and with a love of owners, licks, play, napkins and howls” for a fitting tribute.”

© 6/14/2013 Michael P. Ridley a/k/a the AlaskanPoet

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