Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Happiest Place On Earth Not Happy For Kids With ADA--Shame On Disney!

Autism and other childhood diseases have not a magic sliver
But a drain on the child and the care giver
The Magic Kingdom on its disabled ride access
Is putting these poor sufferers into added stress
The new policy is to be issued a card, at least not a large "D" patch
So the rest of the world with non challenged, these kids do not match
Each ride must be visited twice; first to get a time to appear
Then to come back later  to ride after wiping away the disappointment tears 
Why did they change the policy of going to the head of the line?
Were the non physically challenged suddenly to a child starting to whine?
Who among us would trade places in life with a challenged child
Whether the case was severe or the case was mild?
The answer is most certainly none
Why is Disney making it so much more difficult for these kids to share in some fun?
Young non challenged kids can drag their parents at Disneyland into the ground
Their energy does not wane, it only increases and knows no bounds
Someone with ADA is not so lucky and each minute or each step
May be a struggle they and their parents will not soon forget
The Happiest Place of Earth on this issue is totally wrong
Inane policies on kids with ADA do not belong
Sadly a federal court has ruled that this ADA policy is not right for a class action suit
So a series of individual cases are being filed to Disney's policy uproot
When these cases start coming to the court room for trial
Hopefully Disney will find the jurors to them quite hostile
After the first judgment against it, Disney will fold like a house of cards
Leaving their lawyers scratching their heads "On these kids why did my client make it so hard?"  l sd.

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