Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pelosi and Obama on Extoling Gruber On Earlier Tapes After Denial

Gruber epitomizes why we mere stupid mortals should most of our leaders reject
Ends justify the means which justifies any deceptions they chose to elect
Pelosi and Obama are incapable of owning up
To Gruber’s deceptive advice that any integrity in government corrupts
After denying any knowledge of Gruber, again and again on tape in earlier years
His advice they extolled and on Massachusetts healthcare fervently cheered
It was like the denials of Peter before the rooster three times  crowed
But with tapes instead of only memories not always black and white so hard to the voters later snow
A man or woman especially in whose hands our welfare as a nation depends
Is only as good or dependable as his or her integrity which for too many Blues has come to an end
Too many of the voters in the midst of a recession wanted so badly to believe
Hope and change but like the patent medicine sellers of the old West we were deceived.
Blinded by perhaps white guilt or the magic and drama of his words
Blinded to think a community organizer could lead a nation was stupidly absurd
Deceive me once, the lie is on you
Deceive me twice, my acts I truly need to rue
In midst of tapes, cell phones, and hidden mikes hard to hide from the past
We voters may be stupid, but real stupidity is to believe video and audio records do not last
At least one politician has got it right in the Green Mountain State
He believes Gruber’s pork contract should be ended without wait
What goes around comes around; so when the dust of the Supreme Court’s decision clears
The typo argument on subsidies to non state exchanges, thanks to Gruber, will have disappeared.
© November 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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