Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama's Executive Action Does Make Point He Rolls Craps If He Signs In Vegas

It is highly appropriate that after some say tearing the Constitution to threads
That Obama is off to Vegas to the roulette wheel of history to be on black not red
On the history craps table in Vegas as a result of last night, basically alone, he rolled craps before we bought his point
We stupid voters chose to protect the Constitution and this aspiring monarch not anoint
25 times he is on tape indicating executive order on immigration is an act worthy of only of a king
But once his minions were defeated, Senate lost, our community organizer has another song to sing
Supposedly minutes before the speech some obscure section of Holder’s DOJ
Created a quick opinion that Obama could have his way
Has not been released but my guess it will create further ridicule and scorn
Any chance of the public and the Reds trusting this President totally shorn
The public because on Obamacare he outright lied and with Gruber deceived
The Reds in Congress because on his lawless acts on the ACA are totally peeved
Make no mistake about it, Obama put on his fishing hat, baited the shutdown hook
Another page from in-politics-the-ends-justify-the-means playbook
With memories of the shutdown last fall the Reds will not take this bait
So, without any crisis on deportation present King Obama acted and now a major crisis awaits
The law is as I understand it is very, very clear with no room to misunderstand
You cannot work here if you entered illegally to this land
Whether your deportation will be held in abeyance or stayed
You cannot work at a job for which you are to be paid
With a pen in Vegas King Obama will rewrite that law
And that dear Man Who Would King, is a major Constitutional flaw
But this is only the first step and this you can take to the bank
Before he, to great relief of many, leaves this office a pardon for all will be his plank
At least we now have a transparent President who like the Emperor’s New Clothes
Has revealed his true beliefs after 25 denials right under our very nose.
© November 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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