Sunday, November 2, 2014

Obama Judgment Day November 4, 2014

In two years the Obama Administration will come to an end
Years later historians will be taking out their judgment pens
The first President to be half white and half black
Running on hope and change the monopoly of white Presidents to crack
Since we are no way near out of the woods on the major issues to resolve
Rather than wait for the historians’ judgment on his presidency to evolve
The voters should listen to his own words for this election soon to occur
A referendum on his past and future policies to his proper place in history insure
He is not on the ballot and local issues should take the lion’s share
Do we want two more years of a bipartisan cupboard totally bare?
This is the last chance to judge his record and his past
Without a change in direction,  it will be another two years before the mast
Local issues not withstanding, this is an election about him and Harry Reid
Will a massive rejection enable this nation to plant the compromise seed?
This poet believes the only right answer is yes
We cannot survive another two final years with compromise to be suppressed.
After election day Obama will amnesty for millions most likely grant
Seeds of a dynasty of Blue rule for generations he will seek to plant
Reds need to be perceived as a party not of no’s but  of ideas bold
Somehow develop the messengers to have those ideas sold
As priority one, Reds must try to bring Hispanics into the Red tent
Or like the Whigs of old, into the trash cans of history the party will be sent.
© November 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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