Monday, November 17, 2014

PREDICT Trying to Predict Next SARS, MERS, Flu Strain

We humans may be the apex of the food chain and have the power to reshape the world
But at the lower bases sight unseen our microbe and viral enemies swirled.
Ebola with its almost certain fatality rate has captured the attention of the media and the world’s press
As nations in Western Africa scramble to its spread to other victims suppress.
Ebola at least until its RNA mutates and enables it to become airborne is in a developed nation hard to spread
But in Africa beset by poverty and poor hygiene any with close contact even with a body is more likely than not soon dead
Big Pharma has most likely made the calculation that there is not enough wealth in Africa to pay for Ebola vaccine research
So for many years Africa in the case of Ebola vaccines has been left in the lurch
Short sighted as death in this flat world is only a plane trip away
Hard to keep the deadly virus here completely at bay
The news out of the CDC on a whole host of airborne viruses should give us some relief
To prevent another SARS, MERS, or flu pandemic grief
PREDICT is what the CDC is trying to do, to the next pandemic assess
That airborne could kill thousands before drugs and quarantines could arrest
Even talking could airborne viruses transmit
Not as fatal as Ebola but still deadly enough to give us the fits
While PREDICT continues to the virus landscape survey
We should heed our mothers to wash our hands many times a day
Buy a designer surgical mask in colors to match our mood or clothes
Simple steps to keep viruses from entering our mouths or nose
Instead of shaking hands to a friend or stranger greet
Use our elbow touch since it cannot our mouths begin to meet
© November 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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