Monday, November 24, 2014

Hagel Fired Not Resigned

                              Hagel Fired Rice Still Has Obama's Ear
The word is that Hagel did not resign but was fired
When independent thought conflicts with the CinC’s insular views, he quickly tires
Obama’s view of the world remains wishfully surreal
He cannot view the world as it is but through glasses unreal
Hagel saw ISIS as a threat and did not believe air alone would contain
He did not along with the top brass buy into the air strikes alone refrain
China’s footprint growing in Asia, Putin knocking on NATO’s Eastern door
Iran with another extension to a nuke build, our military downsizing struggling to remain top drawer
ISIS not contained with air strikes alone, jihadist terror on a steady rise
With Susan Rice advising Obama, we should be terrified of the next surprise
The true JV team is Coach Obama and the players he listens to for advice
Independent lions not but rather more like blind mice
One would hope that Obama has finally realized the world is a dangerous place
And his lack of leadership throughout the world is a complete disgrace
One knows not who the new Secretary of Defense will be Obama’s choice
But the grilling in the Red Senate on defense policy will not give cause for him to rejoice
If Obama’s ego were not so inflated and his narcissism so of the charts
He would not have fired Hagel, not forced him to depart
But to collect a paycheck on the Obama team one must follow the Obama slant
Check your intellectual integrity and assume the role of the sycophant
© November 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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