Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CAIR Makes U.A.E. Terrorist List Exclusive Fox Report

The news coming out of the Middle East is like a breath of fresh air
The U.A.E. adds to its list of terror groups numbering 82 CAIR.
 Joining the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the likes of ISIS
CAIR operates in the U.S. and immediately must be in mode of crisis
Linked to Hamas the fanatic killers of Jews
Invited 100s of times to the White House to meet with Obama and his Blues
Whereas, we Americans too often live under the Islamaphobia yoke
As Arabs in the U.A.E. know our view on jihad is a joke
Obama would have a stroke and would in a rare instance fire
Anyone with the integrity to go against the Islamaphobia choir
CAIR is for radical Islam and for Hamas a front
Instead of being invited to the White House to the trash heap we should shunt
If you ever want to hear an Orwellian false words delivered in rant and rave
Listen to their leader interviewed by Megyn biting his tongue to not demand all Jews to the grave
It may be a false hope given Obama’s mindset
But to the U.A.E. we owe a great debt
As CAIR seeks to the death of Michael Brown anger in Ferguson foment
While demanding police surveillance on Muslims and jihadists to relent
Our state and local police since as usual Holder is MIA
Increase surveillance on CAIR and pounce when terror plans displayed
Would be nice for Obama to pick up the phone and send a team
To the U.A.E. to uncover why it thinks CAIR is not part of the Muslim mainstream.
In a rare case of freeing the Islamaphobia chains, the mainstream media with Fox join
And the hallowed ground of an objective 4th Estate rejoin
© November 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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