Sunday, November 2, 2014

North Carolina Tight Race Decided By Noncitizens?

The news out of North Carolina where Blue Hagen is in a very tight race
Shows once again our lack of border security is more than just a disgrace
A sample of 10,000 who have registered to vote this alarming fact did reveal
How easy an election it will be for illegal aliens and  noncitizens to steal
Over ten percent of the registered “citizens” were illegal aliens
Expand the survey and you would find enough voter fraud to fill a stadium
We now have the Perfect Storm for unchecked voter fraud
To our democracy and sanctity of the elections run roughshod
Couple an open border with this Administration’s refusal to deport
With more states granting driver’s licenses to illegals, election integrity begins to come up short
Garnish with Motor Voter Law and the gates to illegal voting are wide open thrown
Show a license as an illegal, check a citizen box and the right to vote you now own
Since a majority of Hispanics vote Blue, in this close race with illegals voting Hagan will defeat the Red
The sanctity of the vote is endangered, will soon be dead.
No wonder Obama will not deport as it deprives the Blues of an expanding defrauding base
Never mind that his acts will our fair election process demean and  erase
No state license or ID card should be issued to a noncitizen unless it announces loud and clear
The holder is a noncitizen, may not vote, and if tried, the deportation and prison penalties are swift and  dear
This poet has no issue with competing in the citizens’ marketplace of voting thoughts
But is outraged that the election process with illegal voting,  citizens’ most basic rights come to naught
© November 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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