Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama The Man Who Would Be King

Watching videos of Obama indicating not too long ago
He’s not an emperor or king yet another attempt by him to snow
Explaining why by executive fiat on immigration he could not act
After delaying to help the Blues who were resoundly sacked
The word is that today he will announce
5 million potential deportations will be renounced
After two years when the Congress he controlled and failed to act
The imperial presidency is steaming down the Constitutional crisis track
This President is too aloof, egotistical or narcissistic to try to understand
Why now he is creating a Constitutional crisis soon at hand
Is it because the 5 million are being put on buses today?
No, there is no valid humanitarian or policy reason not to delay
The reason is more sinister and it reveals that Gruber may have been right
In electing this community organizer we were as an electorate not very bright
Like a little kid who not picked first takes his soccer ball home so the game the others cannot play
With December 11 coming fast, he wants to bait the Reds into shutdown mode so agony again the voters pay
The Reds hopefully will not again fall into this trap and should head to the courts
Sadly there are not enough Blues desirous of protecting Congress to join to impeach and this move abort
His legacy, not affordable and an impediment to care, but known by his own last name
Thanks to the Gruber videos, the subsidies may well be proven illegal in 36 states and Obamacare so wounded down the drain
Men of ego, aloofness and narcissism are clueless when it comes to compromise
Sadly in the next two years we will see thanks to this President gridlock and dysfunction on the rise.
© November 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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