Friday, November 21, 2014

Cosby's Troubles Mount The Hulk's Wife Joins The Choir

The news surrounding Bill Cosby is more than just sad; it’s tragic to its very core
When heard it must have caused his many fans to fall disbelieving  to the floor
Woman after woman is now breaking through the celebrity icon shield
Alleging that when they said “no!” he would not yield
Worse, some are alleging they were with drugs and alcohol seduced
Not wanting to rush to judgment but what can one deduce
One is that on the surface our heroes are never in short supply
But like the iceberg beneath the surface many hidden secrets may lie
Second is that too many men listen to their reptilian brain
Even as its words send a career and reputation down the drain
Mere mortals struggle with the mundane challenges they must daily face
Celebs like Cosby are removed more important in a acting world what script to be put in place
Too much disconnect from the mere mortal world and a celeb is above it all
Freed of the moral restraints which may explain why they too often stumble and fall
Cosby is burdened by the celeb envy test
The more esteemed, the harder the fall is to arrest
Already a planned show has been put in the round file
Wonder if what follows is a series of civil trials?
In a rapidly becoming a zero tolerance world for even a hint of sexual abuse
So important for men to keep the little brain zipped and with the greatest of care allowed loose.
© November 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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