Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama quietly releases a turkey not the bird but 3415 regs in fall agenda

Monday marks the beginning a short turkey work week
Americans are more concerned that their chances to remain on diet on Thursday are bleak
Hagel resignation and a failure to get an Iranian no nukes deal
Tension over Ferguson grand jury verdict to be unsealed
Worry over another Arctic vortex with lots of snow coming our way
Just a few items on the worry list heading into Thanksgiving Day
Like the burglar sneaking into your home to steal your possessions
Slowly at great effort though hard work acquired during the never ending Obama recession
With little fanfare, under the radar screen
Obama releases his fall regulatory agenda all 3415
Some may be harmless, a little regulatory tidy up
But others for the EPA on coal will force many a utility to shut
Worse in what could be a huge overreach with only swimming pools exempt
EPA wants to regulate any body of water however small on private land revealing as to property rights its total contempt 
Obama’s policies were on the ballot and the people spoke
In addition to dumping Blues, they voted against regulatory over choke
Washington is about ready to go into holiday slumber land but when a new Congress convenes
Reviewing this agenda and insuring that those regs killing jobs, an act which today is obscene
Must be stopped in their tracks before the ink has time to dry
Reds have the purse, time to cut off funding so any job killers without funds wither and die
© November 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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