Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CTO Park "Not My Problem" What A Joke

The botched website rollout is a nightmare that will not go away
A year later like oil seeping slowly from the ocean bed to the shore new revelations to dismay
Todd Park, not some low level staffer,  but the CTO of this nation finally testified
Almost the first words out of his mouth was any obligations on the website to deny
In the glacial speed of transparentcy in order to confuse, deceive and hide
Emails finally a year old are being revealed sent to Park of security and other issues that would grow not subside
In the private sector if the CTO received emails that security on the website was at risk
High level staff meetings with the CTO present to address and solutions to whisk
The rollout of the signature legislation of Obama and his CTO did not seem to care
That issues and problems were threatening the success and expenses ensnare
Is mind boggling and makes one wonder if he like Tavenner had only one mission
Not functionality, not security only that whether it worked or not October 1 it was open even if for a nanosecond for applicants’ submission
Wonder what Park was paid to basically not be involved
As a manager or advisor so he could disclaim any responsibility to problem solve
After listening to his testimony which summoned a ton of disbelief
Whoever hired him in the private sector may be heading for a lot of technology misstep grief.
My mother always use to tell me in times or sorrow or despair
Always look for the silver lining in the storm clouds that fill the air
$500 million later with a scathing GAO report on management or lack thereof
Anyone who argues the government can solve our problems needs to look at the rollout of
© November 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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