Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holder Leaves Department of Justice with Only One Regret

As Holder prepares to leave as the nation’s AG,
Knowing when he looks in the mirror and facing the verdict of history
In six years of all his Attorney General omissions or acts
Concentrating in many cases solely to protect Obama’s back
Yet he can find only one needed Mulligan, just one regret
Does he believe the American population are idiots prone to his acts forget?
What about Fast and Furious with one dead American shot by guns DOJ let across
The only AG to be held in contempt of Congress; any respect for the rule of law he was quick to toss
Jackson created the Moonwalk; Holder created the slow walk
Not a dance step but a means to any investigation of Lois Lerner and the IRS block
Appointing a political supporter of Holder’s boss
To investigate the IRS leaves any sane person at total loss
When it comes to failing to imprison illegals returning after deportation does he not know that the laws he is to enforce?
He would not apologize to Rosen; he is a coward for not apologizing to the families of two cops just killed, does he have any remorse?
What about the beginnings of yet another scandal just starting to brew on the Ms. Attkisson’s computer just hacked?
Concern the FBI under the DOJ may have been involved to once again protect Obama’s back
No regret over the rush to judgment in the killings of Trevon Martin and  Michael Brown?
The inference of unpunished guilt inciting riots to sweep Ferguson town
Worse no regret over creating and adhering to the new political agenda mold?
That succeeding AGs Red or Blue will do only do what to them a President has told
The blindfold of justice has been shredded and the scales of justice forever tipped
In favor of the politics of the party in power
No wonder our faith in government has gone completely sour
A man of integrity, which he is not, would have more regrets than just one
Thank God his tenure at DOJ is finally done.
© November 1, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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