Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sharpton Demands Rich Pay Fair Share But He Owes Millions In Unpaid Taxes

Like Cato in the Roman Senate always could be counted on to demand
That Carthage should be destroyed wiped off the face of the land
Al Sharpton consistently in his strident voice demands the rich pay their fair share
If you look at him personally his hypocrisy starts to badly wear
He owes the federal government close to 5 million in back taxes
Why is his salary at MSNBC charading as journalist not attached?
It is a testament to the hubris of the left who in Al’s case must feel above the law
Listening to him incite tension over Martin and Brown should be the last straw
Worse when Al flies for his nonprofit it is always first class
With a trail of unpaid hotels, landlords, and travel agents treated like trash
What Al needs to learn is that foundation money is not his to burn
A sense of fiscal and civic responsibility he needs to learn
Wasteful and extravagant spending on him of foundation money he must spurn
Most importantly he needs to pay his taxes on what he earns
Whether the rich pay their fair share or not may be in debate
But they do pay their taxes, not like Al who makes the IRS wait and wait and wait
When the grand jury in Ferguson with a verdict comes out
Al needs to work on paying his taxes not be on TV with racist inflammatory shouts
© November 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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