Monday, February 22, 2016

Uber Driver Kills 6 in Killing Spree

The lights must be burning late in Uber’s HRD
After one of their drivers in Kalamazoo went on a random killing spree
Totally random over a six hour period of time
When not picking up passengers, he was committing his heinous crimes
Passengers who were in his car that night
Must be on their knees thanking God and their Guardian Angel and shaking in well deserved fright
Dalton to his neighbors seemed like a normal guy
Not one who would randomly want strangers to die
Another sad example that our time on this planet can be way too short
One moment one is with his son shopping for a car, the next both are mort
One moment time for four women to enjoy a Cracker Barrel repast
One moment later all killed with rapid pistol blasts
One moment a fourteen year old girl outside a Cracker Barrel heading to a meal to enjoy
One moment later wounded so badly, police thought a coroner rather than paramedics to deploy
One moment a woman is outside her apartment getting ready to enjoy the night
One moment later she’s on the ground in life threatening plight
If there is a lining in this sad tragedy it might be this
It could have been worse and Dalton is alive so we may find the warnings that Uber missed
© February 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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