Friday, February 5, 2016

"Everybody Does It"--Grasping For Straws

My mother once told me so a lesson I might learn
Just because your classmates are cheating don’t ape their acts but spurn
The FBI must be really on Hillary closing in
She in desperation to win is using the “everyone did it spin.”
Claiming Powell and Rice had private email accounts
Something is afoot as her troubles with classified materials mount
She is demanding that these two patriots be investigated by the FBI
While she continues to this day completely the existence of classified material deny
She at every moment continues to push the no marking lie
Names of agents on her server—how many will in the future die?
Powell and Rice had the vast, overwhelming majority of emails sent to their .gov email address
Hillary had no such .gov account so her dealings and quid pro quo at State she could conceal and suppress
1600 emails and counting some of the highest, most sensitive sort
So sensitive Congress cannot see even in highly redacted reports
It has been almost a year long deception trail of the nature of the “personal emails” wiped clean
Only wedding plans, hair styling appointments but if the FBI is recovering more likely than not details on the quid pro quo scenes
Destroy evidence and basic law school 101 presumption
Acts of corruption she had to conceal from public consumption
Voters need to follow the money trail in the Clinton Cash
Not at all like Benghazi, time for the voters to once and for all her election dreams smash
The “Everybody does it defense” is completely bankrupted
What else can you expect from Team Clinton whose ethics have long since been corrupted?
© February 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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