Monday, February 8, 2016

Kiss $750 Million To Illegals Goodbye

Once again we learn of feds’ massive ineptness of a scale that most companies would bankrupt
750 million dollars in ACA subsidies to illegals no wonder the anger against the Feds continues to erupt
Reds and Blues and especially Big Blue on fraud, waste and abuse could not care less
No fraud, waste, and abuse less than billions would have a chance for their spending to suppress
Carly is right; our government is totally out of control
Politicians driven to remain in office as their goal
Even if as it usually does, they will sell their souls
While the mere mortals daily to make ends meet toil
Unlike a Clinton they cannot conceal a quid pro quo with a $500 thousand speaking fee
The middle class is literally up the economic disaster tree
$750 million dollars could have reduced some of our crippling debt
Or hire more doctors and nurses to treat our Obama discarded vets
Instead paid to people who this benefit were prohibited to receive
For Big Blue time to ignore so his legacy he can achieve
The odds of anyone in the feds being fired for being on this scandal hopelessly inept
Are greater than being hit with lightening or with one ticket winning the Powerball bet
As long as a billion dollars of PAC money on each side comes into play
This unique Republic, this shining light on the hill to the world is doomed to fade away
© February 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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