Sunday, February 14, 2016

No More Demolition Derby's After Scalia's Death

The hypothetical on Saturday just became very real and our potential worse nightmare
Unless Obama tries a recess end run the next President’s Supreme Court choices will determine how for a decade this nation will fare
A Clinton or Sanders victory will result in a cataclysmic left leaning shift
The Second Amendment, restraint on government expansion and regulation and the fight for religious freedom a new court will stiff
In the gridlock of D.C., SCOTUS has been an island of sanity to many of Obama’s illegal actions block
A liberal leaning justice to replace the deceased Scalia would be the most unpleasant shock
It is time for the remaining Red candidates to stop acting like spoiled brats attacking each other instead of this nation’s number one threat
Four more Obama like years to pile on trillions more of national debt
Four more years of watching due to radical Islam the world going up in flames
Four more years of the worn out tired charge of it’s the right wing conspiracy to blame
The bickering at the Red debate must have had Debbie dancing in the street
Convinced after the personal attacks the Reds in the fall will not unite and will go down to defeat
“Demolition Derby” an observation so sad but true
We cannot let this nation be ruled for four more years by another Blue
In an election where every vote is precious Reagan’s 11th is firmly grounded in reason
The personal attacks and negative ads on each other are tantamount to electoral suicide and treason

© February 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet  

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