Friday, February 26, 2016

The Fat Lady Is Singing For Trump?

Game Over For The Other Four?
Ronald Reagan was known as the President coated with Teflon
Scandals like Contragate and Irangate hit him and without staying moved on
Compared to Trump in this season or righteous voter anger he now looks like he was coated with Super Glue
Trump’s actions, proposals, blusters, insults and record get hardly any critical review
Last night at the debate on the eve of International Standing Up to Bullying Day
His brash, demeaning, insulting and bullying personality were on display
A symbol of someone observing Standing Up to Bullying Day is the wearing of a pink shirt
As Trump with personal attacks tried to his record and beliefs divert
Clinton has been given another set of clips to against any of the Reds in the fall use
From Rubio as a “Choke Artist,” to Cruz as a dishonest liar to Trump with illegal workers on Trump Towers abuse,
To fraud at Trump U, to only the erasing of lines, to the withholding of tax returns on a flimsy excuse
The Clinton dogs of war are straining at their leashes to against the Red nominee be set loose
Watching the Donald is like watching a show hosted by Jerry Spring
With the guests and their sordid stories flinging theatrical zingers
Romney may have it right that although Trump has hit among the angry voters, a responsive chord
The 600 pound gorilla that is pounding his chest and has loudly roared
He has been thoroughly vetted and what if “bombshells” do exist?
Unless Hillary is indicted, her landslide may be hard for the Reds to resist
The establishment wing of the Reds is now being to crumble
Chris Christie has just joined the endorsement parade eager to cause Hillary’s coronation into the pit of loss tumble
The Red establishment put too many eggs in the Bush basket
The RNC bowing to the media as who would be on the debate stage caused the only woman and other successful private sector maven to be sealed in a casket
Kasich might have been for the establishment the better choice
At least a record both in and out of Washington and the private sector and delivered with a positive voice
If time heals all wounds against the evil of Hillary it is now time for the others to drop out
Start uniting against Sanders or Hillary in the fall’s so crucial to the fate of this nation championship bout
© February 26, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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