Monday, February 15, 2016

Time to Trump the Reds to Dump

Watching Trump unravel should make anyone supporting him terrified
Can no longer hide behind the apology that he has the rules of politics defied
Knowing he would be next to the football should give us all great pause
His ego and narcissism are far worse than Obama’s and are fatal character flaws.
Enough of his profanities and his bullying acts
Time for the supporters to his run once and for all sack
Latest press conference is another example of ego and narcissism out of control
Blaming the RNC for stacking the deck with opponents to thwart his presidential goals
Raising the threat of a third part run
Strident cries as the more we learn about  this bully the more we should shun
Sadly, this narcissist has sucked up all the attention, the oxygen in the room
Forcing more qualified candidates like Chris or Carly to early quitting doom
There may not be a special place in hell for those women who Hillary will not support
But there must be for those behind Trump whose demeanor and experience comes up way too short
Time to get serious my fellow Reds and unite to face this nation’s greats existential threat
Not climate change but a possibility of four more Obama like years and a tidal wave of increasing national debt
When it comes to Trump
Time for the Reds to him dump
© February 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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