Monday, February 1, 2016

Orange County Jail Escapees Caught In Sanctuary City

We can all breathe a lot easier as the three really bad escapees from the OC main jail
Have been recaptured, their bid for freedom after a few days failed
The first news of an ESL teacher bringing in Google maps to aid in their escape and flight
Did not prove out to justify at least for now the D.A.’s prosecutorial might
A Vietnamese has been arrested for smuggling in tools to saw through a half inch ventilation screen
Then to crawl through ducts to the roof and rappel down five stories and the myth of security demean
Met by a car then off to family and friends for money, then steal a van and off to the City
Who game these dudes money and aided and abetted their flight should be prosecuted without pity
These dudes must have thought that since San Francisco is a Sanctuary City they would be from arrest immune
From immigration laws violations as aliens yes but for crimes like escape the SFPD dances to a different tune
Living in a stolen van on Haight Ashbury streets not a bright idea but felons not the icons of mental power
A tip from an alert citizen and the cuffs were soon back on and their bid for freedom soured
Sheriffs do not take kindly when felons escape from their custody and care
Expect some deputies at pink slips will soon stare.
Even though really bad dudes rappelling five stories down with bed sheet ropes does amaze
Even if dressed in Orange in jails escape proof a man will always try to find escape ways
© February 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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