Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pollsters Blew It In Iowa As Cruz And Rubio Surge

Trump rolled the campaign dice and skipped the last debate
His support in Iowa quickly to abate
Cruz had the ground game to insure his win
Ground game trumped rallies as the Donald may have started his tailspin
Trump was brief and  gracious in his three minute concession speech
Will the business man make his campaign great again in order to a win in New Hampshire reach?
Once again the pollsters had it wrong as to Trump and missed the Rubio surge
Record turnout of new voters as the Red vote the Establishment continues to purge
Bush spent millions and yet finished far back in the pack
Mortally wounded by Trump’s unrelenting personal attacks
Huckabee dropped out due to illness that after the results he revealed
Not his thank God but rather the voters now sick of him that not even Doctor Carson could heal
The rest of the single digit pact vowed to head to the first primary state with a brave and resolute face
Hard to believe that there are any comeback kids present and very soon many will be dropping out of the race
On the Blue side Hillary barely eked out victory which was razor thin
Even had to rely on six coin tosses to aid in her win
Compared to the general in the fall, the vote in Iowa was cast by the very few
Something wrong where the Red’s race may be over before the later primaries come into view
© February 2, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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