Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary Plays Race Card Again

To use an old image Hillary’s campaign and message is in Bandini pile very deep
Her early leads nationwide and in Nevada she cannot keep
I have a feeling that in her headquarters the lights are burning late and no one is getting  sleep
Increasing numbers of young females and Afro Americans have put her on notice they are no longer to be for her voting sheep
In Iowa Sanders may have won or maybe not
The Blue top brass refused to release voter totals on a race bitterly fought
In New Hampshire Sanders won in a massive landslide
As women in droves bailed from Hillary’s coronation ride
Desperate as her firewall in Nevada is looking like a dam waiting to burst under the wave of Sanders support
She goes to Harlem and dusts off her well worn Red racist card retort
Red opposition to Obama’s plans to potentially for decades reshape the court
Are motivated by racism of the Reds while the truth on this she distorts
The facts are that Obama is not being opposed due to the color of his skin
Rather it’s his leftist ideology despite a racist leaning Hillary on the Reds tries to pin
To brand a party as racists does more than just demonize
It further divides the country, cheapens the charge and destroys any chance of compromise
Hillary’s cards are running out and they are frayed beyond belief
Next is charges of homophobia or gay and lesbian bashing as she from Sanders seeks needed relief?
Maybe the need for more gun control and ala Sanders taxes much hirer
Who knows what cards she will try to play as she loses Mo and Sanders is on fire.
The last card in her deck with perhaps a greater chance she and her foundation will end up in jail
The FBI is part of the same old right wing conspiracy against her for years, a charge that will fail
 © February 18, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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